Over the past decades, Chyan-Fong Machinery Works Co Ltd, has worked hard to successfully provide our customers with high-quality products and services. We also offer our customers with professional knowledge to face the more and more challenges in our Industry.
Our business goals for customers are Quality, Efficiency, and Services

For all those years, we have devoted ourselves to make sure our products are top-notch, so wee can build a good business reputation in industry.
With good working teams, and mature operations, we can satisfy our customers with high efficiency.
Our professional service is highly regarded by our clients. Our loyal clients can get satisfactory solutions on our Machineries, Foaming techniques, and raw materials.

Chyan-Fong Machinery Co. Ltd has worked very hard to meet our clients' need, their satisfaction is our Number One goal. We not only offer our customers the best products, but also update them with the latest information and technique to guarantee their success .That is why Chyon-Fong is so well respected in the Industry . Still, we do not think it is enough, we will keep improving our products and services to the highest level so that we can grow business with our loyal customers.